Initial Consultation

We provide the information you need to make sound decisions.

Gathering documentation of your debts is a critical first step in the debt relief process. When you schedule your free consultation we will ask that you bring the following documents to your initial meeting with us:

  • Evidence of your debts such as bills or collection letters.
  • Pay stubs or a payroll history for the previous 6 months. The law requires us to review your income for the 6 full months prior to filing. The paystubs or payroll history must show deductions for taxes and insurance. Even if your spouse has no debts or does not intend to file with you, the law requires us to review the income of both spouses and household expenses.
  • Income tax returns for the 2 years prior to filing.


Your initial conference will include a review of your credit report, which we will obtain for you free of charge. If you wish, you may obtain your own free credit report at Annual Credit Please note doing this will not affect your credit score.