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With over two decades of experience in Georgia bankruptcy courts, Cobb County Bankruptcy Lawyer Roderick H. Martin can help you secure your financial future.

US-537-0029Roderick Martin has over 26 years of experience in Georgia bankruptcy proceedings, and handles bankruptcy matters exclusively. Bankruptcy is an extremely broad and complex area of the law, such that the most qualified attorneys either do it exclusively or not at all. It is difficult for a lawyer who does not practice bankruptcy law every day to keep up with frequent changes in the law.

The information presented in this website is no substitute for competent legal advice from a bankruptcy practitioner. It is a synopsis of the bankruptcy code and should be considered a reference to give consumers an overview of the law. It cannot give you the specifics you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to file bankruptcy. It is intended to guide your discussion with a bankruptcy attorney so you can ask questions based on your individual situation.